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A Call To Discipleship Join us live on fb/youtube Glim Ministries

Glim Ministries, was just a seed waiting to bloom in year 2009. Founder, Prophetess and Pastor, Monique Abraham was given a vision of Believers from all over the world operating in their full Calling, Power and Authority. If everyone knew that the change they were seeking was right in the mirror how great would the world be? And how huge of an impact could believers make operating in their authentic calling and authority? If everyone was operating at the best versions of themselves the way God intended, there would be more unity, love and compassion throughout the world.  We are sons and daughters of God and through Christ Jesus we have been given power and authority. However just like any inheritance, we must first claim what is ours, join us in the journey of discipleship training where you learn how to authentically walk in your purpose, brake  generational curses and create change by being the change you want to see.

Welcome Welcome Welcome!

A Call To Discipleship

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