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Zeliria Sanctuary II: Xinori Asylum is a Real-Time Strategy developed by Wube Games. It was released on Steam on August 27th, 2020. The game is a sequel to the original Zeliria Sanctuary developed by Wube Games. Zeliria Sanctuary II: Xinori Asylum follows up on the events of the first game in the series. The game once again takes place on a mystical island called The Sacred Land, where the people are slowly losing their sanity as they are being overworked and eventually exploited. Once they are gone, a large rival faction will emerge, and the player will have to find a way to prevent them from taking over The Sacred Land. All the major features of the first game are present, as well as a few new ones, including an additional, less-used faction. Contents show] Story A mysterious enemy have been seen working in secret on the island of the Sacred Land, and people have started going insane. It is up to the player to defeat the enemy and take back control of The Sacred Land. Main Characters Zeliria Sanctuary II: Xinori Asylum features a large cast of main characters. A new protagonist will be introduced to the series in Zeliria Sanctuary II: Xinori Asylum, who will be playable after the main campaign. Gameplay Zeliria Sanctuary II: Xinori Asylum is an Real-Time Strategy game. The game has various mechanics such as base building, resource gathering, PvP, team management, and a campaign. There is also a single player campaign with multiple paths, making the gameplay very replayable. Combat in Zeliria Sanctuary II is more straightforward than the original game. The player will start with just a basic infantry unit, a soldier, which is the most effective way to combat enemy units. As the player upgrades the soldier, his combat ability increases. The player can upgrade and customize their soldiers by collecting chips. The player can also purchase technology to use in their base. Resources Zeliria Sanctuary II has a wide array of resources, most of which will need to be collected to progress through the game. These resources range from money, chips, wood, to coal, metals, and crystals. Players will also need to farm the island's various plants for food and medicine, and it's possible to forage for some of these resources in certain locations on the island.




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