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Killing depression one bite at a time!

Depression affects many people, and it can be life changing. Medical treatment and counseling can often help relieve symptoms, but lifestyle remedies, such as a healthful diet, can also boost a person’s well-being.

One factor that may contribute to depression is a person’s dietary habits, which will determine the nutrients that they consume.

A 2017 study found that the symptoms of people with moderate-to-severe depression improved when they received nutritional counseling sessions and ate a more healthful diet for 12 weeks.

The improved diet focused on fresh and whole foods that are high in nutrients. It also limited processed refined foods, sweets, and fried food, including junk food.

Depressive symptoms, including mood and anxiety improved enough to achieve remission criteria in more than 32% of the participants.

lets take food! Selenium is present in a variety of foods:

  • whole grains

  • Brazil nuts

  • some seafood

  • organ meats, such as liver

Vitamin D

may help improve the symptoms of depression ,Foods that can provide vitamin D:

  • oily fish

  • fortified dairy products

  • beef liver

  • egg

  • and my favorite the SUN!


Antioxidants help remove free radicals, which are the waste products of natural bodily processes that can build up in the body.

Fresh, plant based foods, such as berries, are good sources of antioxidants. A diet that is rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, soy, and other plant products may help reduce the stress-related symptoms of depression.

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