• Monique Abraham HHP

Here you Go Comparing yourself AGAIN!

Have you ever wondered how far along you would be If you did not compare yourself to everyone? I myself have found myself while in school business and life comparing and contrasting between myself and others. And honestly its a natural thing to do, Infact comparing yourself can be a very healthy part of life and usually can motivate a person to do better. For instance a friendly competition, and in order to prepare yourself the right way you check out the competitions strengths and weaknesses. If you were a boxer this would be a common practice studying your opponents movement and past matches looking for weaknesses and strengths. But my question for you is when does it become unhealthy???

If you took the strengths of others, and compared them to your weaknesses, how do you think you’d size up? And do you think this would make you feel good?

The funny thing is, this is what most of us do at one time or another — and some of us do pretty often.

It’s a sure-fire recipe for a drop in self-confidence and for unhappiness.

your DNA, your fingerprints your face are unique and make you who you are. When you try to be someone else you will always fail miserably because they were uniquely made for what they do as were you. It takes away the importance of being an individual and the God given talents strengths and uniqueness that make you , well you. So do yourself a favor don'

t become the cheap version of someone else!

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