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Contagious Energy

No cooties allowed! Spiritual consciousness.

If energy is contagious and we are continuously giving and receiving it, what would you be OK catching?

Over the years I have learned you teach people how to treat you, I am not a garbage can and you will have to find another place to throw your trash! Is great way of saying I know the value of my temple and I won’t allow it to be defiled with gossip, hurt, bad treatment or anything that interrupts my peace! Bad energy is contagious, Whether you believe in energy or not, you’re consuming it and giving it freely without notice. Think about someone in your life who instantly lightens your mood when you’re around them. This person makes you laugh and gives you a sense of comfortability. Now think about someone whose interaction instantly puts you in a state of anxiousness or dread. This person may not have done anything malicious to you, they just don’t feel right, and that’s OK. Pay close attention to who your energy increases and decreases around. Now let’s bring it all in there is a popular saying I love to say “ Were spiritual beings having a worldly experience”. Which explains popular Christian beliefs such as soul ties, soul ties can be good and bad. Bad if you’re trying to get rid of an ex-boyfriend, and good if you’re connected with your soulmate for life husband or wife. It’s when you don’t have to be around a person and you can sense something is wrong, or you feel such an attraction or connection with them that they draw you in like two magnets on opposite sides always finding its way back together. What does this have to do with protecting your energy, or should I say your soul? It’s quite simple our souls are like sponges absorbing everything we allow in our ear and eye gates and the people that we are around. The soul is a sponge that’s why when someone is crying or you’re around them and you began to feel sympathetic which is commonly described as emotions. But it’s so much deeper it’s like your soul and your flesh mirrors the people that you are around and if you’re not in a strong place spiritually mentally and physically you will notice your demeanor , the way you feel and overall energy begin to change. Ever hear of the phrase birds of a feather flock together? Even the strongest mind around the wrong influence long enough begins to take on traits of those individuals around them because it’s like going inside a room that smells and when you first get in there it smells horrible, But as you lay in there for a few hours, and then a few days till you no longer smell what was horrible now it becomes the norm. It is important that you do two things to protect your emotional, physical and spiritual well-being number one keep a constant communication Well God your creator, I encourage reading the Bible and fill yourself with so much positivity (reading,positive thinking affirmations etc)that even when you interact with negativity your presence will be stronger than the atmosphere. And number two be careful of the company you keep, do not engage yourself with negative behavior interactions or allowing someone to make you their trash can by bringing you their bad news.

This is not to say you can’t be there for others , talk with them or be around individuals who may be having a hard time but if you know that you’re in a place to where you are empty don’t go around the wrong people because you will fill up on negativity. And we wonder why we are depressed haven’t reached our goals and not the best version of ourselves it starts with us but what we allow in our lives is just as important.

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Jeremiah 29:11 King James Version (KJV). For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.


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