About Glim......
Life is about connections! While God is all
powerful and able to rain down blessings, he
utilizes us. You. "Me" To inspire, restore and
bless one another with our gifts, talents and
resources. A holistic coach is a guide to the best you. The you that wants so desperately to come out.but is bound by limitations that were internally created. I help you by joining you hand and hand on a journey , your journey of self discovery, accountability and finding power within you that you never thought exsisted! Giving You tools that You can pass on thru generations, By addressing not one but all areas of your life, heart, mind, body and soul. I am fully invested in you. So do yourself a favor Invest in yourself!
Tired of not feeling your best and emotionally stuck? Do you wish you knew why you sabotage yourself and how to get your mind working for your goals?  Need to figure out where and how to start creating a healthier, happier life? Why guess when you can book your free consultation today?​




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Why do so many people never reach their potential? I think there are six main reasons – fear, procrastination, insecurity, generational barriers, spiritual and life circumstances. 


A  traditional holistic coach/counselor works with individuals who wish to achieve more flow and balance in their life. How? by exploring, and accepting, each individual’s unique attributes, experiences, creative thinking and personal requirements a holistic coach guides, motivates and inspires positive life changes. My approach is slightly different  I believe we are at our best when our heart mind and soul acts as one unit, therefore I believe more in the marriage versus a balance. Just imagine your heart mind body and soul all working on one accord. No more procrastination, No more doubt, finish that assignment on time, follow thru with that diet and fulfill your purpose.  I utilize various tools to help my clients Discover their purpose, Define Clarity and  Marry themselves , by utilizing Biblical , Personal, Christian Laws of Attraction principals and more tools, to create personalize plan of action for my clients journey.So  do yourself a favor invest in you, Because A Better You Means A Better Outcome!

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